My formerly amazing dad is a cultist.

I was proud of my dad when he didn’t vote for Bush Jr against, was it Gore? I have a bad memory… But he told me he didn’t and I was glad. He was smart enough not to fall for Bush Jr’s… whatever it was he presented that Americans fall for. But AFAIK, he voted for Perot, not the Democrat, because he refused to vote for a Democrat. Fine with me. So years later, he divorced my mom (go Dad!) and he married an amazing lady that had eight kids who each had 4-8 kids each and they all live in like NH and through environment, all the adults became hard Trumpers. So I don’t know if they affected my dad in this negative way or if he just lost his fucking mind, but I blocked my dad awhile ago after I’d stopped reading his increasingly crazy and dangerous sounding FB posts… he ultimately tried to Trump me with something like “Hey, I know we have our differences but look, today Trump fixed insulin prices for all Americans!” Blocked my dad right then. I knew Trump did no such thing. My dad didn’t even read or pay attention enough to realize my protest against prices, etc, was for other people who couldn’t get the help they needed, which was me many years ago, begging pharmacies for a prescription to live, but that was a long time ago. And he wasn’t there. The end.

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